Microsoft Dynamics AX Customer Wakefield Canada Achieves a Partnership With Data Masons Through True B2B Integration With a Dynamics AX and EDI Upgrade

Wakefield Distribution Improved with Vantage Point EDI

Case study details how Wakefield Canada's goals of operating more efficiently and without the risk of outdated EDI technology drove a Dynamics AX and EDI upgrade.

​​Data Masons Software, LLC., a leading provider of Integrated EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics customers, announces the availability of a case study for Data Masons and Microsoft Dynamics AX customer, Wakefield Canada. Since 2005, Wakefield Canada has assumed exclusive stewardship of the Castrol brand and all customer-facing operations in Canada, providing sales, marketing and distribution solutions. In this case study, the company shares how its market position and ongoing dependence on customer satisfaction required both an upgraded enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform and EDI solution in order to deliver an integrated B2B experience.

Wakefield Canada understood that managing a deep supply chain via fax and paper invoices would mandate a huge labor commitment and potentially jeopardize their customer relationships where a reliable, easy-to-use, digital experience was expected. Once the company decided that its operational efficiency goals could be met with a Dynamics AX upgrade, it addressed the opportunity to deploy a modern EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

We wanted a more plug and play [solution]. We didn't want to have to build a ton of interfaces. Data Masons played strong in that space and they were a Microsoft Dynamics AX Certified Partner.

Kent Mills, CIO

“We had an EDI solution, but it was an outdated system that required a whole lot of manual intervention and it was hard to find people with the skills who could work on the system," stated Kent Mills, CIO, Wakefield Canada. Mills added, “The vendor was also not responsive to us. They were not tuned in to our customer requirements and they were not keeping their software current. It cost too much, and it didn't feel like a partnership - and we're big on partnerships at Wakefield."

Data Masons’ Vantage Point EDI solution integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX to solve critical EDI challenges that streamline and automate both customer and supplier-side EDI operations. The only EDI solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX, it gives users the ability to automate their entire supply chain without unnecessary customizations to the ERP.

"A company like Wakefield needs EDI or else it simply can't do business with its customers. At the point Wakefield engaged Data Masons, EDI was a high-cost, high-risk proposition for them given issues with their legacy system. Now with a fully-automated solution, we're thrilled to see Wakefield go from a defensive posture to a more offensive posture with additional cost-saving opportunities ahead as they do more EDI on the transportation side," stated Dennis Bruce, Director of Business Development, Data Masons.  

Data Masons is a Premier Sponsor of AXUG Summit 2016, October 11-14, 2016 in Tampa, FL. The company will exhibit in the Solution Center where attendees can learn more about the Vantage Point EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX solution. Glenn McPeak, Data Masons’ Dynamics EDI expert will also present the educational session, “EDI for AX7 – A Radical Transformation for Dynamics AX,” on Wednesday, October 12th, 1:30pm - 2:30pm and on Thursday, October 13th, 9:30am - 10:30am. During these sessions, McPeak will help attendees evaluate the different approaches to EDI and discuss the best strategy for their organization.

To learn more about the benefits of Data Masons’ EDI Made Simple approach, read the Wakefield Canada case study online.

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Data Masons specializes in EDI Made Simple® for Microsoft Dynamics and Macola customers by offering advanced, turnkey EDI & XML solutions. Certified for Microsoft Dynamics, Vantage Point EDI provides an end-to-end EDI processing platform with seamless integration and predictable ownership costs for cloud or on-premise environments - all without expensive and disruptive ERP platform customization. Data Masons' compliance services, product flexibility, extensive EDI and ERP integration knowledge, and partner-driven experience have made Vantage Point EDI the winning choice for high-performance business document integration at more than 1,500 customers.

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